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Kitchen Scraps

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They can get crop bound if the bits are too big, so its important to put anything packable, like lettuce or cabbage into a wire pecker or hang it up so they can peck little bits off at a time.


They love most kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s, but unsoaked bread & raw potato should be avoided.


As for the corn, the best thing is simply to scatter a small amount (maybe a handful for 4 hens) on the floor for them to hoover up. If they already have access to grit then you won't need to add any.

Reduce the corn as the weather gets warmer in the spring, as it heats up their bodies & can cause overheating problems.

It should be treated as a treat, on top of their pellets/mash, rather than a meal.


Hope this helps :D

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I save up my kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s throughout the day and serve them up as a porridge at tea time for them. Mine tends to be leftover breakfast cereal, bread crusts, cooked veg, rice, pasta or potato. I add some water to soak into the bread and turn it into a porridge, then i add any poultry spice, garlic and diatom. Served up in their metal dog bowl - they sit outside the backdoor every evening waiting for tea time! Never have any problems getting them back into the run. :D

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