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Quiet cockerel breeds?!

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I appreciate this is a slightly impossible question but, from personal experience, has anyone found certain breeds of cockerel quieter than others?

I’m moving house in the coming months and we’ll be lucky enough to have a few acres to play with. I’m so excited to find myself a beautiful big cockerel look after my ladies and have been looking at jersey giants / brahmas as an option (open to suggestions).

I know every one will be different and it isn’t a huge problem but if anyone has found a particular breed much quieter / louder I’d be interested to know!

Thanks in advance xx

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No, there are absolutely no breeds quieter than others. There are individuals quieter, but a lot depends on their surroundings, so a previously quiet chap may be awakened if he hears another close by. The noisiest are the bantams in our experience. They are very high pitched so very irritating.

You may find the larger breeds you are suggesting have a more acceptable, lower pitched crow, even though it may be technically louder. We have had Wyandottes and Orpingtons. I don't recommend Orpingtons as they have inherent hip problems and quickly become unable to stand due to the show breeding of a huge chest which their frame can't support; a distressing example of show breeding destroying the breed, which we have experienced.

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Well I wouldn't get an orp for a different reason.  It is entirely possible to buy properly bred orps if you find a reputable breeder, so although Beantree may be right about a few birds, the vast majority are not overbred to the extent they can't stand, and I have bred my own and spent time with well known breeders over many years.  However, big boys with big chests = big crow! Although its powerful low note, and a nice sound if you like that sort of thing.  For that reason I might be slightly wary of the JG, although I think they are magnificent birds.  I guess it depends how close your neighbours are as well as your own feelings. 

The quietest breed I ever bred were red sussex.  They are a rare breed and so the gene pool is quite small.  I even sold a boy to somebody who queried me after the sale to check he was a boy as they had never heard him crow, although luckily the arrival of little chicks proved it!  Other sussex have been just as noisy as any other breed. Modern game are slight birds with a relatively slight crow, and polands are loud and a bit screechy, but Beantree is right really, its down to the individual.

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I've had two cockerels now - the first was a gorgeous blue laced red wyandotte, he was a big lad but soft as and he had a lovely deep crow although he was loud. He used to crow a few times from about 4am and then occasionally at random points during the day. The next was a Pekin I inherited when he had to be re-homed due to noise! He was much more persistent in his crowing but he was quieter and higher pitched as he was so much smaller - almost sounded like a cat meowing loudly sometimes. Also lovely natured and used to sit in the house with the girls when they were laying to keep them company.

I do miss having a boy sometimes as they have been so sweet but the girls couldn't give two hoots about being an all female flock again and I don't miss the racket at 4am!

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