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How do I treat tapeworm?

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Hi, I'm a new chicken owner and I've just taken on 4 ex free range girls. 

They've come with the added benefit of tapeworm! I spoke to the vets and they prescribed Bimectin, to be used as a spot on treatment but it doesn't seem to have done anything. I spoke to the vet again the other day (as it's nearly been 2 weeks) and they said give it time and try treating again in a few weeks.

I'm reluctant to use the Bimectin again as I've seen no improvement. They free range with our ducks and I try to poo pick but it's impossible to get them all, so I'd like to get this nipped in the bud before we have an ongoing problem. Has anybody had any success with any other treatment? Thank you in advance!

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Well Flubenvet doesn’t work against tapeworm. I know that praziquantel does the job, but officially Flubenvet is the only licensed treatment for chickens in the UK.

this website does describe some other off-license treatments: http://www.poultrydvm.com/condition/tapeworms

But they also mention that transmission through slugs/snails, beetles and such is the case. So maybe no free ranging for a while.

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