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1st egg, 1st egg!!

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I'm soooo excited. Our little japanese pekin Florence has laid her first egg today :D:D


It was so tiny we didn't even see it this morning and it wasn't until this afternoon when I happened to look into the egg port I spotted it nestled away in the shredded paper. (Hope the neighbours weren't looking as I danced around the garden shouting "1st egg, 1st egg"). Teeny but perfect. Very tasty too!

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Yay, first eggs are just soooo fantastic!


Well done Florence and congratulations Scooby! 8)


Pure breds definitely lay far fewer eggs in the winter than hybrids but each breed has its own tendencies and egg laying abilities, and then of course each chicken is a law unto itself anyway!! :wink::roll:


I love good news!


Sue x

PS First egg dances are mandatory!

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