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Phoebe's eaten polysterene!!

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Can anyone offer any advice, whilst out and about this morning I caught Phoebe eating a peice of expanded polysterene (from an old plant tray) I'm not sure how much she ate before I stopped her. She seems fine, although did drink a lot straight after. Has this happened to anybody before? Is it likely to be problem?

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One of mine ate a bright red elastic band about 3 weeks ago. I've never seen that again! Thought it might have turned up in the mountains of poop they do over night. We think her first egg may be like a golf ball... full of elastic inside and will bounce! :lol:

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For quite a while I was hanging up lumps of the stuff for my girls to peck at and they really enjoyed it. :)

I only done it because I read on another forum that it keeps them busy and it passes straight through them.

Mine ate tons of it to no ill effect. I only stopped doing it because someone on here told me that polystyrene had some cancer causing chemical in it and even though it passes through them it might still be leeching some dangerous chemicals into their system. :shock: Not such a good idea then considering a) I love the girls too much to cause them any harm and b) We eat the eggs which they produce!


My point being-I'm sure a little amount won't do any harm at all :D

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