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Brittle / thin egg shells

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Hi all 

I have a cream legbar who has been suffering for brittle/ thin egg shells for weeks now. I can't seem to get on top of it. She's not even 18months old. And started laying in Jan this year. 


Shes recently wormed. Has access to grit and oyster 24/7. Has had several calcium supplements in her water. With no luck. Every now and then I'll get a normal egg from her. Otherwise it's so thin and brittle it breaks during laying. Sometimes I don't think she knows she's laying a egg as she just does it mid run or garden. 


Any other suggestions please ?


She is otherwise happy in herself. Eating drinking etc. Is high up in pecking order.



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Calcium addition on its own can do more harm than good. It is necessary to have Phosphorous as well, as that is used in the transfer mechanism of Calcium from storage in the bones to the egg shell.The ratio is 8:1 and if that isn't achieved the chemical system is out of balance. Perhaps she will moult this year? If so the rest will do her good and her eggs may be fine afterwards?

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They are due a molt, haven't had one since juvenile molt last year.

The calcium supplement I refer to is bone feather and egg supplement pre mixed so I would hope it would take the above into consideration but can check next time I'm in storage unit.

All the other hens lay fine. No problems with shell quality. 

Hopefully a molt will help. Tbh I'm not bothering about missing out on a egg, I just want her to be happy and healthy 

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