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Bald chest

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So one of my chickens has developed a bald patch on her chest. I have checked her over and visually I cannot see any parasites. She seems healthy and lives with her 3 sisters. A couple of the others look a little rough on the chest too but not bald like her. There doesn't appear to be any bullying or pecking by the others, they all seem to get on well. Any ideas? I can of course take her to the vets but wanted to ask here before stressing her out with a vet visit.

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Another possibility is the chest feathers getting wet. Some chickens take too much of a beak full and spill some when they tip their head back to swallow, or the drinker may be overfull. Wet feathers are very attractive to a potential feather plucker, but they can also be over-preened by the hen herself to the extent that they snap off at the base with continual bending.

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