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Depressed chicken?

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I have a flock of 11 chickens and a cockerel, most of them cream Legbar in two large covered runs currently joined as one with two coops.  The cockerel and all but 4 of the Legbar are in one run and the other 4 who I think are low down the pecking order go in the other.  One Legbar is always the first to go to roost every night in this run and for the last 2 weeks spending a lot of time sitting around often with her eyes closed and a bit puffed up.  and carrying her wings low.  She is eating and drinking fine but just appears depressed.  In case she was ill I brought her indoors for the last 5 days but she didn’t develop any symptoms and just appeared depressed.  Can bottom of the pecking order get depressed.  Any illnesses you can think of that show nothing but lethargy?  Mystified.  

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She has been wormed and her crop was quite full early on in the day , so considered impacted crop as it was full and fairly firm.  After giving syringe of water, massage etc it softened immediately and emptying the crop only produced a few drops of water.  There isn’t a strong smell to suggest sour crop.  I will check for plaques in her mouth for plaques, but I think it will be a vet visit on Monday. ☹️

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