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Here we go again - Avian Flu 2021/22

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As I read this we are not yet at a stage where our free-rangers have to be confined; is this general consensus?  Our girls are running around the garden at the moment and the area is fenced it is just that it is quite a large area.  I hope that I have this correctly otherwise it’s back to the gulag for them again.

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You must:

  • keep free-ranging birds in fenced areas to minimise contact with wild birds, neigbouring poultry or captive birds
  • inspect outdoor areas, removing wild bird contaminants like faeces, feathers and wild bird carcases
  • fence off or put netting over areas of standing water or ponds
  • provide feed and water undercover, so wild birds can’t access it
  • make your premises unattractive to wild birds. Use bird scarers, foils or streamers
  • keep ducks and geese separate from other poultry
  • store bedding under cover to reduce the risk of contamination
  • clean and disinfect footwear before and after tending to your birds. If you own more than 50 birds, place foot dips containing government approved disinfectant at all entry and exit points
  • clean and disinfect hard surfaces regularly
  • clean and disinfect equipment and vehicles to avoid disease spread between premises
  • minimise the movement of people, vehicles and equipment to and from bird areas and keep records of movements
  • keep records of poultry, captive bird and egg movements
  • maintain buildings that house birds to prevent water ingress
  • ensure pest control is effective

This is a quote from the gov.uk site and from what I can see the first point is to ‘minimise contact’ with wild birds; I cannot see anything about netting them off from wild birds completely.  To my mind the second bullet point is to ‘inspect outdoor areas’ which suggests that birds are still permitted in outdoor areas.  I’m sure that last year the instructions were unequivocal about keeping birds indoors.

Do others have a different interpretation of these points?

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