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My Goodness they're LOUD!!

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Having had my 3 girls for just over a month I had been reading the forums and wondering why so many neighbours had been complaining about the noise :? I didn't understand it at all because my girls had been so quiet, the most they did was cluck softly when I approached them with food in hand.


Well now I understand! I work from home and was just entering my office when I heard the most loudest uproar from the garden :shock: Ran outside thinking that somehow a fox had managed to outwit the foxproof run, but nothing in sight. I did however find a dead pigeon with a missing head so whatever it was it must have took off at high speed. It took the girls ages to calm down though whilst I was 'shushing' at them through the run, so hopefully all the neighbours had left for work by then :roll:


Might get a foxwatch just in case.

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The worst noise ever was when I was dismantling the run to move it ... the girls were pecking around, and I didn't notice they were inside the run, nor did I realise that when I pulled on one side (having detached it from the Eglu) it would collapse flat on the ground :shock::oops::oops:


Luckily they squished down small like they do when they go to bed, and the curve of the run was just enough to protect them.


I lifted it up in a real panic thinking they were both dead, and got the biggest telling-off ever! Siggy was still giving me aggrieved looks and squawking, half an hour later. :lol: I must say they don't hold a grudge though, a few mealworms and they were willing to go back in the run!

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