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Quick opionions please

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Right as mentioned in my other thread Im taking one of my girls back for a swap, and I think Im going to swap for another hybrid, a veriety I dont already have.


I like the idea of a White Star so I get some white eggs, who has experience of these and knows what their temprement is like?

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Thank you ladies, Im back and I have a White Star, She was fine being taken out the box when I just got her home, did struggle and let me stroke her for a bit before putting ehr in the house. Im going to give her about half hour in there adjusting, and learning where her house is, then open the door into the run with the others, fingers crossed the introductions go well.


So now I have 3 hybrids for egg production, one a blue layer one a brown layer and one a white, so no confusion over who lays what!


Sods law thought while I was out, I missed the courier trying to deliver my new crocs!

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Ekk after having just read up on the Leghorn which the white star is a hybrid of, and it says on here they like to Roost in trees :shock:


Im I going to have to have a go at wing clipping her to stop her roaming the neighbourhood?


Also I dont know if my Wyandotte bantam will need the same, as she looks like she might be able to fly, but she has such pretty markings I really dont want to spoil it buy clipping her flight feathers.

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Get one - I would have another if I could!


My Lily is wonderful, & everyones favourite hen. She has an excess of personality,is terribly nosey & can run like the clappers!

Her eggs are massive with a huge yolk & are the purest white.They look great against the browns of the other hens eggs :P


There are some photos of her, & her eggs,in my Gallery - link below :P

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