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Another one of my chickens has dodgy poop

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My little Fleur, the Bantam Brahma, has decided to take after her sister the Pekin Bantam, and went for a messy butt as well… but with a twist!? Her poop is a totally different colour and consistency to the dark gooey green the Pekin is delivering. 
She only just started laying again after a 5 day pause, she is ok-ish in herself, eating and scratching about but she does look a bit off colour and unkempt, so to speak…

I have attached a photo of the present se left for me this morning to clean up in the coop.

I give all my hens vinegar water and currently boosting them with some added vitamins. They have finished Flubenvet feed 3 days ago so worms wouldn’t probably be the issue!? I also medicated them against Cocci about 4 weeks ago.  
If anyone could help with some advice, please, it would be very much appreciated. Struggling to get through to an avian vet here in Surrey!? They are like hens teeth right!?… 🥺😳



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I think Luvachicken is correct. It also looks to me like a lash (shed oviduct lining) mixed with poo. A lash is normal, but rare; we've only seen a few and none in the last 5 years at least.

Apple cider vinegar should not be used continuously (perhaps one drinker full a month) and I wouldn't bother with any additives in water anyway as there is a risk they won't drink enough. Just plain water and good pellets should be enough. Not sure if these water additives do more harm than good overall?

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Thank you ! I had no idea about the lash excrements !? 🙄 I was going to stop the vinegar water soon, from what I have been reading, some people strongly recommend it at times of stress/ when hens are feeling a bit under the weather or when they have digestive upset etc. A good vitamin booster I used was the Net Tex drops which have worked wonders with two hens a while ago when I introduced them to the flock… Who knew keeping backyard chickens was going to turn my life upside down!? 🙈

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