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Chicken losing weight

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I mentioned recently about my last girl having runny poop for the past 2 months. She is free ranging (we do not having restrictions where we are)  and out all day but she just cannot hold her weight. She is currently 1640 grams but fluctuates. The past 3 days has dropped by another 150 grams. She is happy all day oitside and eats but clearly something is amiss. She feels very light when I pick her up but am thinking that whilst she seems happy at the moment I need to be thinking about euthanasia. She is wormed and was on antibiotics 3 weeks ago but we just cannot get to the route of the problem. Has anyone had any experience of this with their girls please?

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Thankyou Beantree. Yes we have exhausted everything and our vet said the same thing. She has a nice healthy crop so is eating but her breast bone is very thin so cannot maintain her weight. She is up early and foraging all day so whilst she is happy. To look at she looks fine though. She is my last girl, so the fact she seems happy on her own is a huge plus. We won’t let her suffer for sure but you know she may not be with us for much longer,

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