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Laundry Balls

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I used some that I bought from Lakeland a couple of years ago, but was not really convinced they worked. They came with a tube of stuff that use have to use to run on any stains or shirt collars. As our children are grown and flown and we are retired, we do not really get grubby things - so I think that if our clothes had been washed in just a normal wash without anything they would have been fine and freshened up anyway.


So I went back to a non bio tablet form.


You had to count the number of times you used it, which I would often forget.


But if anyone has used one on dirty clothes then do let us know as I would go back to that method as a 'green' option

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Hi, a friend uses hers all the time for colours and I used mine untill it ran out! They are better on colours than whites, apparently they ionise the water and that draws out the dirt :? (according to my friends hubby) plus you can get by with a quicker wash and don't need conditioner? Mine were from lakeland, and worked a treat on slightly grubby things, not a hope with rugby kits :lol:


Karen x

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My Mum gave me some - the Eco Ball variety I think (green ones) and they were completely useless!


I tries on them several times on several different loads, but none came out clean. Couldn't even cope with things like jam or toothpaste.




So have gone back to powder.



Cookie. xx

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After giving up on "Ecover" products for a while as I didn't think they worked - I have recently gone back to them. They have no problem with my washing - including cricket whites :shock: Their product range has also expanded somewhat now too, so if you're looking for something that is environmentally in between - give their products a try. :D

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Thanks for the replies.

I am having trouble getting the ingredients for homemade laundry powder up here :roll: Thought about the balls as another option. I might give them a try anyway.


The tumble drier balls from Lakeland are great BTW. Towels lovely and soft and hardly any lint at the end of the cycle :D

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