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Pekin Breeders?

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I know i have already asked a few questions today but here goes :lol:


I have been researching pretty much all day (off sick from college) and have found that bantams do very little damage to gardens and are mainly tame, and so i think they are most suitable for me. However, i can't seem to find many breeders in my area (Ipswich, Suffolk) So could you post if you kno of any?! Also, in general how much do they cost? I would be after a group of about 3-4?



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Hello again! We went down to north Kent to get out from Kirsty at

http://www.hens4homes.co.uk/ She's really nice and she sells Pekin Bantams, although I think you need to order them. If you phone her, she will let you know. The only other breeder I know of near you is within the inner area of the Bird Flu restriction zones so you wouldn't be able to get any from there at the moment. You could also try at the back of Practical Poultry magazine as I think smaller breeders advertise there. :D

Good luck

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I got mine from the hen house in Diss, they have a website http://www.hen-house.co.uk/index.html, but you will have to look into wether you can get chickens at the moment, due to the restrictions of moving poultry, so even if you dont get them from the restricted area you may find you cant bring them into your area if your in Suffolk, and you might have to wait.

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Hi, I recently enquired about bantams & pekins to these folks!

I got immediate response!

Here was my reply back.

Many thanks for the e-mail sent to Hoar Park Craft Centre, and passed to me. Could you please contact Shiohan Lea on 02476 398334, she can give you up to date information on what bantams she has available.


They do have several different colours of Pekins available to leave straight away, and also have some of the other bantam breeds like Wyandotes, Rhode Island Reds and Araucanas etc, but to see the full selection and availability either ring or visit.




Paul Taylor

24 Forge Road,




B46 2AU,



Tel: 07811 403713







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