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Just bought an Eglu... can't find any chickens!!

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Hi folks - newbie here, be gentle.


I just bought an Eglu but because I live on the Isle of Wight I couldn't get the chooks included. Problem is I can't find any!! None of the local farms or breeders have any until early next year, and the nearest mainland place I've come across is in Banbury :shock:


There's got to be some breeders a bit more "local"? Any suggestions from anyone? Ideally within an hour's drive of Southampton but pretty much anywhere east Dorset to west Sussex would be considered!


Thanks in anticipation!

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Welcome to the forum. :lol:


How odd that there aren't any breeders/suppliers on the IOW. :shock:


I hope you can find some soon.



Thanks guys...


There ARE breeders/suppliers here, but they haven't got any until the Spring!! So casting the net wider...


Thanks Christian for the tip - I'll give them a call tomorrow.


Any other suggestions?



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Welcome to Omlet and I hope that you find your chooks soon. Had ours (Edith and Edna) on Saturday and the weather has been so foul (pardon the pun) that we've hardly seen them, so iI sort of know how you feel! :cry:


can't you sneak over to the mainland and bring them home in a pet basket (like a cat's cage) or would that be too traumatic?


Best of luck



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