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Happy Copper (like life used to be)

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On my way home from the pub earlier I bumped into an officer of de leur,


Not sure if he was a regular, a community warden or a special, but he was soaked to the skin from his beat and still extremely cheerful, he pointed out that he changed shifts in two hours, and showed concern about how far I had to walk in the rain as I wasn't as well equipped as him for the weather! He even said 'Mind as you go'


I think he is a Special Community Regular Police Officer like what beat bobbies used to be like, I half expected a clip round the lug, until I realised he was younger than me!!


I am well impressed generally with the work the Police do, but to see a Copper soaked to the skin and still have a sense of humour, enjoying his job is refreshing to say the least, I wish I had taken his lapel number so I could commend him to someone, i.e his boss!

he really impressed me. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


No, I wasn't drunk!!! :wink:



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i'm never sure if you're taking the proverbial ;)


But, if you're serious just mail (or phone) your local HQ with his location and the time and they'll be able to find out who he was.

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I was serious,


the guy really did impress me!


Like I said it is refreshing :D:D


I know the Police have to deal with an awful lot and stay respectful when dealing with 'pond life'


I will try to find out who he is though, it will make whoever is manning the desks day!

Imagine that, someone coming in to a Police Station to applaud an officer. I guess they don't hear that much and maybe they should.



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Ah, your post has actually brought a tear to my eye (may have something to do with the bottle of rioja I've sunk this evening as I've been making biscotti for the school Xmas fair on Friday).


Our school caretaker is the same, he's always so cheerful and he's retiring at the end of term (boo hoo!). OH and I were in a restaurant over the summer and he was there coincidentally, so we sent a bottle of wine to his table, just cos he's such a lovely bloke. It's truly wonderful when you come across one of these rare rays of sunshine.


Do ring the cop shop and say something. It will make his day.

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I was in Dunelm Mill the other day and was really impressed with the 2 or 3 staff members who were in the bit I was in. I've been in 3 times recently (getting plastic sheeting for the girls' run) and each time they have all been very friendly, polite and helpful - we also had a bit of a laugh because the bloke was teasing one of the girls about the shortest day. He told her it had 23 hours and she said "Really? How does that work then?"


I might just phone the manager up and tell him :) .

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That's brilliant Kev! I hope that you manage to report how friendly he was.


I wonder whether your area are also working with the new community policing system. I work closely with our local police (on a voluntary level), on the new neighbourhood policing model - the aim of this is to give us (the public) back our local beat bobbies so that residents see an officer who they can recognise and feel 'belongs' to them. We also have officers out on bikes like in the old days. Our team has a mix of officers, who can be called into town centre duty if the need arises, and dedicated neighbourhood officers, who stay in the area and may not be seconded. They are backed up by our excellent team of Community Support Officers.


Fair gives you a warm fuzzy glow, doesn't it?

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