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I'm picking up some ex-batts on Saturday and am now thinking that i'd also like a Pepperpot and Amber Star.


I've just been looking on the Southmead Poultry website which says that both these chickens will be available at the end of November so i'm guessing they will be at POL. Do you think it would be OK to put the Pepperpot and Amber Star in with the ex-batts if they are that young ?

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I'd err on the side of caution and keep them seperate. Not only from the point of view that the ex-batts may be weak and unused to socialising, but also because both lots are coming from different sources and may have infections that could pass between the groups. Battery girls also sometimes have mites and lice.


Sorry to sound like doom and gloom, but if you can keep them in different accommodation so they can see each other, the eventual integration will go well.


I always isolate any new stock for a while until I'm sure of their health status.

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