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Do your girls have a favorite spot?

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I have grass, I have plants, I have cosy hidyholes around shrubs and a waterfall, do they take advantage of this?


No They all sit together round the patio furniture on the decking!


I think its cause yesterday it was a nice sunny spot and the wood retains the heat but they are all sitting their again today.


do your girls have a favorite spot in the garden/run?

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I put a nice solid wooden chair in the hen pen,with the thought that I could sit there & watch them.


Lily, my Whitestar,has other ideas.

As for as she is concerned it is HER chair & anyone who goes near it gets her special evil eye treatment.


Actually,it is so covered in poo that I couldn't site on it if I wanted to anyway :roll:

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If they're anything like mine they prolly sit there cus it's as close to you and the possibility of food as they can get. Hilda lurks at the closest fence edge to the house so she can pounce on me as soon as I come out.

In fact she dug a dust bath there the other day, which promptly filled up with rain, resulting in me struggling down the garden in the dark with an armful of logs, slipping over in the subsequent mud hole, skidding a couple of meters on my bum and filling both my jeans and pants with mud.


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my lot like to be by the back door. :roll:


Even though its winter, I still have my back door open all day when im home (I dont put the heating on till nightime) I cant bear to shut the door as I think the chooks think im "shutting them out/ignoring them" :oops::oops: So the door stays open and they like to look in the kitchen and see/hear what im doing.


They know when its porridge time and tea time....causes quite a commotion! :lol:

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