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chewing gum on school skirt

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How frustrating :( Someone I know recommended rubbing it with an ice cube :?


I have something called Sticky Stuff remover from Bettaware that works on labels etc. I think they use something similar at school as every now and again someone will come in wearing trousers with the aroma of citrus :?


I hope you can get it off, if you like I can put this in the post to you, as it's only a small bottle.


karen x

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:shock: Wow, thanks so much for the quick responses! :D


I knew there were "products" available but didn't know details or where to start, so recommendations are so useful, thank you.


Karen, that's such a sweet offer, thanks. I'll try the other ideas first. I think it's spread too thinly to peel off, hence the freezer didn't work, so not hopeful about an icecube.

But, will def. try white vinegar this evening.

Then, if not, it's off to R.Dyas or essential oil stall in the morning. Thanks everone, I'll report back tomorrow.

How did my 4th child, a little angel, manage this when her brothers and sis never did it? :roll::lol:

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:D Cheers! But no Lakeland near here. So, I save some money because of that. :lol: Although their Christmas catalogue has just fallen out of the Radio Times, must have a look later. :lol:


Sheila, I've got a Lakeland rather too close to me..............visiting there is nearly as dangerous as the Omlet shop :shock::lol::lol::lol: . But if you want me to pick up a bottle of the gum remover stuff I can do happily, and stick it in the post to you :D .


Just let me know if you want, both of my children are at Bluewater tomorrow so can pick some up, alternatively I can go on Monday. I don't go anywhere near Bluewater on a pre-Christmas weekend :shock:

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:) Thanks. But, how do I get the oil out? I have a dress that I must have splattered with oil whilst cooking & I haven't managed to remove it. :cry:

Shall I start a new topic? :lol:

It must have been hot oil & I've washed the dress unsuccessfully since.


Iron the dress with a brown paper bag over the top of it.

it sort of acts like a sponge and soaks into the bag.


it also works if you spill candle wax on something

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Ironing the carpet..... :lol:

Well, I must try the ironing over brown paper bag on the dress sometime, it'll be fab if it works on a washed in marks as it's a lovely summer dress which looks completely ruined at the moment.


Meanwhile....yay!!! :D The white vinegar worked and the school skirt is drying...and spotless. Thanks everyone!


Kate, I had the vinegar in stock because of your green cleaning recommendations. I bought it for the windows & other surfaces, then used it for the hair washing without shampoo, now another use! I'm so impressed.


The things I've learnt on a chicken forum, it's brilliant. 8) Thanks everyone who answered.

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Yay :dance: !!! I've got a wonderful book called "Natural Stain Remover" by Angela Martin ISBN 1-84092-419-5 which has never let me down. It's cheap (£3.99 when I bought it a couple of years ago) and well worth getting as you usually find you have something in the house already which will get rid of most stains :D . There's also a book called "Vinegar - 1001 practical uses" which I've yet to buy so be prepared to find more ways it can help :lol: .

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