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Bumper Bits- different sorts & where to buy?

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I need to buy some bumper bits, & have found that there seems to be 2 different sorts.

There is a simple ring one which I can get from the Domestic Fowl Trust, & a more complicated looking A shaped one which Laura kindly set to me,but my hen lost amongst the wood chips :roll:


I would like to get this A shaped one again, but can't find them anywhere,just the ring shaped ones........so does anyone know where I can buy them from,please?


One more thing, WHY do they make them black?

They are impossible to see in the wood chips :evil::roll:

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Hi Sarah :D I bought mine from the Wernlas collection when I went to pick up my newest girls.


I can send you one if you like, as I bought them as prevention rather than cure, and may only need a couple to stop one of the girls eating the eggs :shock: but she only does that now and again :roll:


I must admist bright yellow would be a much easier colour :lol:


karen x

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I would guess that there are two reasons why bumper bits are black:


(1) If they were brightly coloured, the other hens would be attracted to them and would pull at them all the time;


(2) Black plastic is the cheapest sort.


I endorse what everyone else has said about Wernlas. Buy at least ten bumper bits: you never know when you might need another one, and they are so cheap. But if you go as high as twenty, you need to put a higher-value stamp on your SAE.

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