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Gorgeous ankle wellies in The Gap!

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:( I think they've sold out now. Theyt sound good though, Sarah. I'm looking for some as, although I received some for Christmas, they were too small, and then sold out. OH thought I should have some so I don't keep wearing his wellies...they are roomy so I can just step into them for 2 mins in the garden. :wink:

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Mine have been used a bit.

My 13 year old girl has the same size feet as me - 6, & my 11 year old is not far behind!


I think they will become offical "by the backdoor" shoes :D


I've got some men's size 7 wellies (Carl's) which I cut down as I have fat legs. I take a 4 1/2 - Lauren, aged 8, wears them as well - she takes a size 2 :shock: - Carl is not allowed to wear them :?:lol:


I have size 4 pink clogs as well - which Lauren pinches :roll:

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I've got a lovely pair of pink wellie clogs, but sadly have enormous size 8 feet, the same size as Chookiehubbie.


Don't tell him I told you, but he has been known to slip them on to take the dog out in the morning, and to run down to let the chickens out!


Now I want a pair of proper flowery pink wellies, as I'm sure he wouldn't dare slip them on!

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