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feeling naf!

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Got a mega sore throat that won't go away. Anyone know what is good for a sore throat without taking medicine??? I'm off to my pampered chef party soon - at least I can still taste things, but it's a pain!




i swear by these




you can get them at Asda in bags


nothing else has ever worked for me and you can keep them in your pocket at your party!

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Ametrine gemstones are supposed to be good for the throat. Not really sure if it works or not but I've been looking for an ametrine pendant for a while as I get so many throat problems.

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then there's always a hot toddy! Ours generally comprise honey, lemon juice, whisky and hot water- if the honey doesn't work, the whisky takes your mind off it ;)


Hot ribena and rum is nice too.

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