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I have an egg!!!!!

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I have been jumping round hysterically this morning cause I opens up my cube to find an egg on the roosting bars! I dont know how long it has been there is I dont normally check for eggs as I wasnt expecting any for a while still, its only cause I was chealning the poo trays today.


I have been grinning like a mad fool all day and dying to come on here and tell you all but I have been at work.


My confusion is that I dont know who laid it, it is only 35g and a beige colour, so it seems to small from my Bluebelle who I thought would be first, plus her eye erea isnt very red although she has started crouching, So that leaves my brahma and miniture orpington, who I think are a litle older than the others, I think it might be buffy, she seems to suddenly be acting all dominant and has had the red headgear for a while. does anyone out there have a Bluebelle can tell me if it looks like a bluebelle egg, or Orpington egg???


Also the shell is slightly broken at the bottom as you can see in the pic., but eh inner thin membrane bit has not been broken, so do you think I will be okay to eat it?

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My bluebelle lays surprisingly small eggs and she is huge! They are only now weighing more than 50g. She was laying when I got her which was 10 weeks ago so I don't know what her first eggs weighed.


PS Just re-read your post and yes it looks like a Bluebelle egg. Just a normal egg colour.

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And now I know who the culprit is!


Missy my Bluebelle. I raced outside this morning to have a look and she was just emerging from the house, I opened the house up to find one correctly laid in the nesting box still warm!!!


This one a fraction larger at 38g. My mum had just arrived to drop off the dog to witness my newly collected egg.

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