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Yes today was freezing cold.


Blowing a gale


Lashing with rain.


So I spent half the afternoon on the flat roof putting up ropelights and a rope tree. Oh and sorting out outdoor power (I used an Armadillo - every time I mentioned it to Mum she thought I'd made the name up!). OK so its not the best display but James thought it was fantastic. It was dark and very effective by the time his father brought him home late.




Also there is the added bonus that it can all be seen from the road - I'm having a Christmas party (for a bunch of boring teachers - you are all welcome if you can stand teacher talk all night!) on 14th and last year several people couldn't find our house in the dark.


Finally we also got the reindeer out on the storm porch. James just loves them.




Mum spent the whole afternoon worrying that I'd fall off the roof - its got railings all the way round and to get out there I just have to open the door in my hall! She was underneath listening as the flat roofed area is all her annexe.


Next year I'm going up onto my pitched roof (using a small stepladder from the flat roof). Fancy one of those set of reindeer running along the roof!


Sometimes I think I have too much testosterone, but my married years made me forget I could do and enjoyed doing stuff like this - he always told me I couldn't do it. But then again - he really couldn't do it!


Anyone else got lights up~???

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This year I will have some outdoor lights up, not for a few weeks though. They are just the icicle ones, Wilkinsons in the sale. I have a Victorian terrace, so they will run along the guttering on the porch and bay window. I might try solar ones next year as obviously no electricity costs involved :D


I will be interested to see if they last through Christmas without being nicked too :roll:

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Of course one of my cousins (rather a know it all train driver) told Mum that these lights cost loads of money and we should only have them on for a short time.


DUH - they are all LED lights which use 90% less energy than normal lights. Mum should have know I'd have checked out the costs first! The twinkly lights on my tree probably cost more.

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wow, well done Pengy! I was going to do some decorations tonight but I was too tired. They look great.


I have ALWAYS wanted outdoor lights, at my last house they would have been gone within 24 hours (even had the door-mat nicked!) but I'm hoping here they will be ok. I didn't realise until February that I've got an outside electrical socket :oops: so I didn't do them last year, but this year they are going either over the weeping birch tree, or the hebe bush.


I can't wait - several people round here have got big, tacky colourful light displays up already. I love it!


Christmas should either be totally tasteful (boring!) or totally OTT! :lol::lol::lol:

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I have a lovley new wreath on my door


The only two times I have hung wreathes at the door.....they have been nicked.



I was paranoid about having mine pinched so used electrical ties. You can pull them very tight and unless they have got something very sharp they won't get through them. You can cut them off with scissors but they take some doing - ok if you are taking it down for genuine reasons but not easy if you are trying to do it quickly and run off with it. :lol:

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I've had my wreath for years now. Its hung on doors in....


Gidea Park




And never been nicked. Mind you I never hung it on the door in Elm Park - it would have lasted about 5 minutes!

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I have put my very tasteful icicle lights up tonight, I will try and get a pic of them at some point soon. I was inspired by my next door but one chavvy neighbours, who have just put up a rather nasty display in their front window, all multi colour flashing, very nasty! The bulbs are very low voltage, 0.09 watts each, I think that means I can have all 160 on for 69.44 hours for a unit of electricity :?


I am wondering how long they will last round here before someone tries to nick them :roll:

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