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cluck and henry

I'm being hen pecked!

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We have read loads of books before getting chickens, but it seems to have been a total waste of time. Experience has shown the complete opposite to these books.


I now have a problem that I hope one of you can help.


One of my chickens, young Henrietta, has decided that when I'm in the run with her, either cleaning or feeding, she likes to bite either my hand or leg, depending on what is close at beak.


Has anyone else had this problem? I've tried pushing her lightly back, holding her down and also slightly pulling her feathers. Next stage maybe to bite her back!!


Can anyone help!



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She is probably expecting you to give her treats.


Use a bright coloured bowl and perhaps whistle to them when you give treats and they will come to associate one with another.


If you come out without the treat bowl and not whistling, they will not expect to be fed and will stop pecking. That's the theory anyroadup. :lol:

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Sprite one of my ex batts does this, she will hang off my skirt or trousers with her beak as she jumps up to do it :roll: that's not altogether ideal, but she does it in summer when I'm in my shorts too :shock:


My youngest won't go near her until I've been pecked, as she doesn't seem to do it to everyone :roll:


Not sure if there's a solution, as I don't want to resort to shooing her away with a brush, as she is a really friendly chook and loves to be picked up :lol:


karen x

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I have a scabby finger at the moment because I walked into the run holding a pot of mixed corn but didn't sprinkle it quick enough for Roses liking so she jumped up to try and get the pot and got my finger instead!! :lol:

That happened on Sunday but to make matters worse, yesterday I walked into the run holding another pot of mixed corn and guess what???? Yep-Rose leapt up but this time rather than just a cut, she took a chunk out of my finger which actually bled quite a bit (and it was the same finger). :lol:


Chickens eh? :roll::lol:

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cluck and henry, they do go for shiny things (hence the warning about painted toenails!) so avoid wearing rings, shiny watches etc. I used to get pecked a lot and I hated it - mine have never drawn blood but it's painful, and it scared me. There is a simple answer, I discovered - wear gloves, then it doesn't hurt as much. :wink:


However I've noticed that as they have got a bit older, they don't do it so much - I did get pecked this morning but it serves me right as I had a bit of celery in my hand! Mine are definitely less pecky, so perhaps you will find it wears off in time.

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