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Stuck Rat & new hen pen design

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Just went down to feed the hens to find a rat stuck half in & half out of the chicken wire of their run.

It was dead,& was facing out,so had been in the run but got stuck & died on the way out.

Poor Hubby had to cut it free :?:vom:


So, the new improved hen pen is going to have a 4 brick high wall as its base,with nice deep foundations to keep the critters out. Then the mesh & wood bit will be on top of the brick wall - has anyone else done this?

Do you think that sounds like a good plan? 8)

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The Hubby is a builder, so we have all the kit here, plus his mini digger that he is always DESPERATE to use (men :roll: )

We just bought some really fab,tough welded mesh on eBay.


I think it could work as a rat proof run, or as near to being rat proof as can possibly be.

The flooring will all keep contained too 8)

And I forgot to mention that its going to be hexagonal in shape.


The only down side it that the hens won't be as visible from the house with a wall base :?

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wouldnt it be easier just to dig down and bury the mesh? :?


The hubby wouldn't get to show off his brick laying skills then :lol:


I just like the idea of a small wall,only 3 bricks high as it will also offer a bit of protection from the elements.

The mesh may corrode underground too :?

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i try to stay away from rat discussions these days ;) but good luck with the new run, sounds lovely, does seem a shame you won't be able to see the girls from the house though.


How long will it take to build? Dying to see it!

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p.s. I like the way you have 're-homing co-ordinator' under your name. I think it helps if anyone has a BHWT question, they know who to ask if they needed to.


I assume it means you're something to do with the BHWT?

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