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Greener washing machine.

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but it would take me about ten washes to do a normal size load (ours is big now)

I use soapnuts for darks I just skip the rinse cycle and a wash about half an an hour. I can't see how that would be better. Especially as it looks like the soapnuts only get one use each time.

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I use them occasionally.......... but find our clothes smell musty when I do use them :?


Me too. And they don't shift real dirt and grease. Things look dingy after a while too.


Maybe we are too fussy. :?


I think they are fine for the lighter "freshening up" washes.


I wonder how much the washing machine will sell for.

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New washing machines are already very green. Ours uses very little water - when you look at it you don't see water sloshing around. It also has several 30 degree washes and a timer to do your washing on Economy 7 (which is more money saving than green)


Now tumble dryers are not so green, even the ones that have a low energy rating only have that when you put the clothes on such a low temp setting that they take hours to dry!

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I gave up with soap nuts because I realised they were in the washing machine throughout the rinse cycle etc so they were still releasing soap throughout the whole wash and rinse cycle. Therefore nothing was getting a proper rinse


That would explain the musty smell! :shock:

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