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Rosemary lounging about. . .

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The girls have a heated water bowl to avoid freezing and I got a heating "pad" made for dog houses .. and the girls seem to be happy even as it starts to get colder. I also have the garage rigged up for days when the weather is really bad. In Kansas we get lots of icy winter days in which I anticipate the girls would prefer to be inside.


Today Rosemary decided she wanted to spend time with me inside while Clarisse was laying in the 'lu. She doesn't like to be alone. ;-)

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Lovely pictures of your chooks. One of mine also likes coming into the house although I do try to keep her confined to the kitchen for obvious reasons. One day however, she followed me into the lounge and jumped onto the sofa. She looked so cute. When we let them out to free range, it is usually a race to see who reaches the kitchen door first, Maisie or me. Guess who usually wins?


Loved your other pictures too, especially your lovely dog and cat. Do they get on ok with the chickens?



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:lol: They are so funny aren't they?!

I had a guy out to sweep the chimney the other day and he piped up 'oh, your chickens came in, are they allowed?' !!!!!!!!! I found all three of the princesses in the sitting room, 2 on the sofa and one on the coffee table looking proud as punch :roll: They were really hard to catch, running chickens on laminate flooring is quite amusing though :lol: . Got away with no poop though, amazing since they always manage to if they get in the back door!

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