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happy as a chicken in sand

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Ahh, they are so adorable when they have a dust bath. What are they having a bath in-it seems perfect as a bath?

Mine had one on Saturday (just in the plain old mud on the lawn) and I spent ages filming it, it is so cute and amusing. Some of the time they turned onto their back and that was extra cute. :D

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Thanks for that Laura, but it seems that I am destined never to see that file - it comes up with an error message. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was this pc - I have had to restart it numerous times today and it's still poorly!


I will try it at home.


Smeeeths - you don't need a seperate dust box if they (and you) are happy with the one they have made. Some people have one to stop them making their own in the run, or if they are confined to the run for long periods. If they freerange, then they will make their own dust/mud baths all over the garden :roll:

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It's really up to you Mrs S.


Superkate has her chooks on sand, and I think she has a separte covered area under her kitchen window for dust bathing.


Some people have big plant pots full of soil dotted around the garden, others have litter trays in the run with soil or sand in.


Ours are the same as yours and are quite happy to dig and bath in the run. We have them on soil and wood chips. When they free-range they have a fave spot in the garden to bathe in too.


Chooks are easily pleased :D

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I have a movie to put on the site too. It's taken from my digital camera and I have saved the file onto my PC. I have tried to upload it into the gallery - with no luck :(


any smart ideas?


I think I need to have quicktime to view your movie Laura too, not having much luck today am I :roll:

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Thanks for the advice. Mine live in a large run (with eglu inside) which is on bark and a little bit of soil. They have dug 2 baths under the hedge in the dry area. I thought they were ill the first time I saw them laid out on the floor. I kept poking them (which they didn't appreciate!) untill they got up. I then realised what they were doing!!! I apogised and made a hestie retreat :oops:





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