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Apple Jellies

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I finally got round to using up my crabapples and made the crabapple and clove jelly (only enough for 4 jars)

The other day I was ordering my turkey from the local farm and noticed they were giving away apples, so "Ooops, word censored!"bled a bag. Had a bag of rosehips in the freezer that needed using up and found a recipe for apple and rosehip jelly (courtesy of Kate - ta Kate!) This is the result: DSCF1715.jpg


Only enough rosehips for 1 1/2 jars, but I'm really pleased with the result! Got loads of apples left so the next job is a batch of apple and rosemary jelly! There's no stopping me now! 8):lol:

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Have you tried apple and mint jelly Snowy?


just tie a spring of fresh mint in some muslin and infuse whilst the liquid is cooling, then put a teaspoon of dried mint in each jar. When the jelly is at setting point, pour it into the jar and the dried mint 'floats' in the jar!


Its a lovely looking jelly! 8)8)

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There were loads fo rosehips around this year, so I will use them next year.


I must try to find them again, but I saw some lovely recipes for jellies with things like lavender, rosemary, mint, geranium..... they'd be great additions to a sweet but otherwise plain Jelly.


We ought to get together next year and make all our jellies and pool resources Sarah!

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