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Ain't Nobody Here

Wish me luck

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I did figure it was sarcastic :D But surely fighting is the point of laserquest, they'll have a ball and wear themselves out shooting you and each other and hopefully be too tired to play up in McDs, and if they do play up in McDs, who cares? Kids ALWAYS play up in McDs :wink:

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Well, it's a Christmas miracle! I enjoyed myself today :D . The kids were great, they all got on really well and enjoyed Laserquest. Us 4 adults had a Starbucks cinammon latte and a muffin while they were in there and I even managed to get a present for OH from Run and Become (next door to Laserquest).


Nice leisurely walk to McDonalds where they all ate c**p in a bap (sorry, that's OH's description :oops: ) but I didn't as I still felt a bit :vom: after all the cream in my latte. Model behaviour from all - even the adults :wink: .


Then a stroll through Princes Street Gardens to see the reindeer (very cute!) and bus back to school.


And all in sub-zero temperatures :shock: . Tonight the girlies will mainly be wearing a travelling rug on their eglu and vaseline on their combs :lol: .

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