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Girls not getting on anymore

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Hi there,

I am fairly new to keeping guinea pigs and have run into a problem so I could really use some advice from experienced owners.

I got two girls from a rescue centre who had been happily living together and introduced them to my castrated boy. They all lived really happily together until he died. Now the two girls seem to squabble all the time and never cuddle up together at any time. They sleep at opposite ends of the hutch and when one approaches the other at all, she squeals so loudly as if in pain. The dominant one is not biting her from what I can tell but she seems scared anyway.

They are free range during the day (when its warmer weather) and when I open their hutch, the one who seems scared all the time goes immediately into the rabbit hutch and stays there all day (the rabbits are free range too and both can go into each other's hutches at any time they want). They all get on fine, but I don't understand why this little piggy seems so scared and squeals so loud at the approach of the other one and why they don't cuddle up together at all. Any suggestions / advice gratefully received.


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