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I just have to share with you the wonderful experience i had today! :dance:


I met Miles Hilton Barber!!! :D:D:D


He came to our training day and gave the most inspirational speech i have ever heard 8)


This chap has had the most amazing adventrues from running 150 miles across the desert, treking to the south pole, flying a fighter jet and scuba diving with a wheelchaired friend.


All this and the fella is BLIND!!!



Among many other things he said life is about attitude and the right attitude can bring about altitude, in that it can lead you to higher adventures and raise you as a person.


Check out this chap and his adventures here...




I think i will be investing in a couple of his books! 8)

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It always makes me feel very humble meeting such amazing people. In my job I meet people with such positive attitudes, no matter what their illness or 'disability'.

I nearly always end my work day thinking how much my life has been enriched just by listening to their stories.

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Looking at what some people cope with and achieve makes me feel really humble. After all I'm incredibly blessed really, no major problems to contend with, so what the heck do I ever really need to grumble about.............and how come I haven't got the courage or attitude to achieve even 1/100th of what he has done.


Truly inspirational 8)

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