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Christmas swap 2022 - join in by 31st October '22

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Bit late getting this on, but just wondered who is up for a Christmas swap this year?

For those that don't know, the swap is like a secret santa - Me and Mr Luvachicken PM you an address and you make something crafty for them and post it in time for Christmas. In return, someone sends you something.

As it is a secret santa, obviously it is a SECRET.

Try not to post on here what you are good at making because that gives things away.

 Here are the rules - please read them carefully

1. You must have been an Omlet member for at least 3 months

2. You must have made at least 100 posts 

3. You must let me know if you change your mind and can't make your item, so something else can be sorted

4. You need to stay updated with any changes and things that are going on by checking on this post regularly

5. You need to post your parcel by the stated date so that people get their gifts in time

6. You need to say that you have posted your gift and received yours, either on the main page or by PM'ing me

7. Most importantly you need to post a thank you and a photo of the item you have been sent.

8. Take a photo of your item before you post it (as not everyone always says thankyou and puts up a photo)

9. Not really a rule, but some of our chicken friends live abroad so you will need to factor that in to your costs and postage


If you would like to take part add your name to the list 

On the list so far so are 

Me - Luvachicken

Cat tails - she is always straight on here so I took the liberty of putting her on already

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I love this but cannot make it this year as I have just taken on the voluntary role of first responder so lots of training the next couple of months at the same time a friends small business admin person left the company suddenly in a complete mess so taken on that role as well - I hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing all the lovely things that are made.


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