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Wanted - Eglu Cube, New Forest area

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Good morning, all

This may not be the place to post this; do point me in the right direction if so, please…I would like to upgrade my present Go Up to a Cube.  At present I have an auto door on the Go and would ideally like one on the Cube, although this could be added later.  A Cube on a stand would be preferable but, again, this could be added.  I have found a few on sales sites but they are all rather far away or very expensive, in my view.  Thank you.

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Hi Colombian

Good afternoon.  If you are still looking for a Cube, I have a 12 years old Omlet Cube MK1 + Run + 2M x 2M Walk in Run + Drinkers & Feeders + Cube Covers + Cube Blankets + Spare Roosting Bars + 3 x Aubiose…..They are old but still in working condition.  I used them for my 3 Pekins that I got 12 years ago, the last one died last Tuesday, so I am giving the coop up to who can make use of them.  I am in the Bedfordshire area (Fairfield, near Hitchin / Letchworth).  

I have included a photo here.  I will jet wash them but you will need to dismantle and collect if you are interested.  All for free.  Thanks.




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