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Bauble, the ex-batt ambassador!

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Bless her, she may be a bit scrawny looking at the moment but Bauble has converted her grandads. Both sets of parents are now thinking of getting ex-batts this year. Hubby's parents have an acre of land and dad-in-law was talking today about how many he could get and what size run he could build. he is thinking that ten might be good. They kept chickens, geese and ducks years ago and he quite likes the idea of getting chickens when he retires.


My dad is measuring up to see if he can fit an eglu in his garden ( we know that he can but he likes to measure).


It seems that Bauble is everyones favourite chicken...next door's children call round every day to see how Bauble is and they have taken photos on their mobile phones.

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Jamie Oliver was talking to some turkey and goose breeders on his prog the other week. The breeder said it's impossible to intensively rear geese (in the way that broilers and batts are) because they would just die.


It's a shame, in a way, that chooks are so resilient because it means they are exploited to a terrible degree.


I'm amazed at how plucky my girls are, especially little shalott, she's got so much spirit! It was funny yesterday, she was bodily shoving the others out of the way to get to some meal worms we'd given them, and she's the smallest bless her.

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Ours are getting the hang of scratching and pecking now. They sleep in a run in the polytunnel at night but they go out every day into the fruit cage. I ave made a little shelter for them for when it gets cold but they hardly use it. Even Bauble gets on with the business of digging, etc. They saw Ginger and Sporty dustbathing today so Holly dug a hole but then she just sat in it. Still told her that she was a clever girl.

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