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Tessa the Duchess

Indoor bulbs

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I don't think this belongs in the gardening section, and I thought it might get more attention in this forum, because I need advice NOW :shock::shock:


I have been growing pots of hyacinths in the cellar which is cool and dark.

At what point do I bring them up in the warmth of the house? They are now about 2 and half inches tall and on some of them you can see the actual hyacinth flowery bit beginning to form. Anyone know?



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Yes, I agree.


Mine are really late this year. I normally start some off in September time, to give as extra Christmas pressies. This year there were no where near flowering in time.


I still have a couple left, sat on the window sill in full light, which are still green flowers.


They will blossom eventually!

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if it's not too late to join in here...


I grow three pots of hyacinths every year as I love having them in the house. When the shoots are a couples of inches tall they need to be put somewhere light but cool (l use the unheated greenhouse) to allow them to go green. When they're green you can bring them into wherever you want them, hopefully they shouldn't get too lanky and fall over.

If you do multiple pots, put the next one in the light as the flowers open in the first bowl. That way you should be able to get months of lovely flowers from them.



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