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The ladies dust bathing.

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Hi all, I just wanted to post some pictures of the girls having a dustbath, mainly for fist time chicken keepers, who like me didn't know what a dustbath was and thought they where having a fit :oops: I tryed to get one of Mischief crouching, but she is to fast.


Anyway here they are:

First there was just three of them, Uma, Magic and Lacey.




Then Spice came over:



And joined in....



Then Nutmeg...



Then Clover...



No-one likes Clover...



And then there was one...

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Thank you all for your comments :D

Laura & CTB- Yep that's Numeg on her back with her eyes closed :roll::lol:

Carol U- They haven't liked Clover since day one, she is at the bottom of the pecking order and the others either ignore her or pick on her. Hence why I favorite her a bit (well a lot :oops:) she gets her tea on top of the cube away from the others, in her own dish, she gets to go in the garden with me (out of sight of the others) and when I clean the cube every weekend the others get shut in the free-range area but Clover stays with me to help.

It was the same with Spice, she was at the bottom of the pecking order before we got Clover and Nutmeg. Time for more chickens me thinks...

The girls take advantage of Clover because she doesn't stand up for her self. She was in a feild of 50 chickens before we got her and she was very, very thin because the others wouldn't let her eat or drink :cry:

But things have settled down since she started laying a few weeks ago, although Gemma (top chook) does feel threatend at times.



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Lovely pics. I love the 6th, or second from last one - all girls together :D. :D I managed to get my new run finished enough to move the girls into yesterday and the first thing Cava did was have a long and luxurious dust bath in the soil and hemcore. They had a tub trug in the eglu run but it didn't suit them as they preferred to dusbathe in the nest box. I'll take some piccys this week to show off the new residence. :lol:

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