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herb garden

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ok, since the work men have done such a lovely job on the concrete in my garden :D i have desided to extent my veggie patch and add a herb garden, we have just the right place, which is a large raised bed that at the moment is coverd in junk, :roll: so im going to dig it out (possible) this weekend and i have been looking up what type of herbs id like. I really want to fill it and have lots of different colour herb bushes and low trailings, but as a first timer on the whole gardening thing, i would really like some help in desiding what to plant, we will be using the herbs but i think id like to make a real centre peice out of it, so if any of you grow herbs or have any idea which look the best, id love your help......

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I'm planning a herb garden too :D . (I'm a complete novice to herb/veg growing :?. ) I've got a square 'thing' with low brick walls (used to be a sandpit) but it has a concrete base which can get very waterlogged. Don't know if it's suitable or not :think: . Is drainage important for herbs?


How are you planning on protecting it from your girlies?


Hope you don't mind me piggybacking your post :wink: . I will be watching your replies with great interest!

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I have a herb garden, which was here when I moved in and is planted rather haphazardly. TBH I've never even cookedwith any of the herbs in there but I did win with them at the village show.


The chooks leave them alone.


In there is


Bronze Fennell


English Lavender

Lemon Mint



I've added

a small bay tree at the back (if you let them they grow full sized)



Purple Sage


I'm hoping to start using them this summer, when I've got my veggies growing and I'm allowed to eat again!

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How are you planning on protecting it from your girlies?


Well they don't eat Rosemary :wink:


I have Chives (the hens try this because it looks like grass but they don't really like it), ordinary Peppermint, Spearmint, and Rosemary. The Rosemary is a woody stemmed bush so grows in the garden, and the others are uncared for in pots :oops: . May be best to avoid waterlogging them?


I would like more but not sure what else to grow.

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i think im going to have to fence it off for a while and then probally spend my days shouting at the girls to get away from the herbs, they really do listen to me more than the kids do :D they havent seemed to do much damage to my veggies and they r on and off of there all the time, but oh well as long as they have fun :lol: What youve got sounds a bit like what ive got and hopefully we can help each other out, if i find anything good you will be the first to know, there was one it is sage pinapple, it has a smell like pinapple but tastes like sage!!

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we grow herbs in a small greenhouse type thing. What we plan to grow are;





(both essential for Italian dishes)





(for stuffing)




(for mojitos) mmmmmmmm ;)




(for spicy dishes or salsa)


and DH wants to grow some wild garlic, not sure if that's classed as a herb though :think:


best thing to do is think what you'll need in the kitchen and then try and grow that, otherwise you'll never use what you grow.

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wild garlic looks a bit like lily of the valley when it's in bloom, it's grown for its leaves rather then its bulb and is milder than normal garlic.


I first saw it in a cemetry in grassmere, well I smelt it before I saw it, it's quite pungent but nice :D

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