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hello there!

i say yes, it should be just enough, but it probably won't be very deep...


i buy one bail for just under £9... So i guess you could play it safe and buy two...


if you end up with too much, it composts really well, and also you can use some as a mulch for plants around the garden...

i also use it for my chooks'nest.


here we are...

have fun




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i usually put one bale in my run and then put a new one one top a couple of weeks later when the old bale has been spread around and is thinner and then s"Ooops, word censored!"e it all out two or three weeks later and start again. if i put two in at once it all ends up outside the run as they kick it over the skirting boards.

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I currently have my hens on bark chippings in the run, but am interested in using hemcore, especially after seeing so many hens on it in some of the lovely pictures on the forum!! Does anybody have any suggestions as to the pros and cons :?:


I use bliss in the hen house as its biodegradable and all goes straight in the composter. And straw in the nest boxes.


Chili xx

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Chili wrote:


Is hemcore very blowy aroundy :? I don't want to spend ages sweeping it up and my bark chippings stay where they are put :!:


Not blowy aroundy at all, I think Auboise might be though. I changed from bark to hemcore about 2 month ago and am very impressed with it. I love the fact that you can chuck it in the compost bin, when I used bark I just didn't know what to do with it when it was clearing out time. Get some, you won't regret it :)



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It may not be blowy aroundy but it is a bit kickoutable if you don't have kickboards or something round the bottom of your run :?:lol: .


My lot kick the hemcore everywhere and we end up having to change their water a lot :roll: at the moment in the eglu run we have skirting boards up the side to stop this, but when I have my proper big run we are going to have a nice wide wood plinth along the bottom. The girls love kicking around in the hemcore though. :)

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