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Good old Betty!

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Hi Everyone!:lol:

I am so excited, I had to tell someone - Betty has laid her first egg!!!!!!!!

After last nights little upset I was concerned this morning that she wasn't herself, not controlling the other girls and strutting her stuff as usual. I kept my eye on her and was about to post asking for advice.

I left the back door open (it was miserable and wet) so they could stand in the dry if they wanted. They all did! I think it's because they know I keep the corn there but when they realised they weren't having any they all went out to forage except Betty. She hung around pecking my coconut matting and getting into corners. When she did go out it was only for a short time and again she kept going towards corners. Next thing I know she's back inside, hunkered down in a dark corner. I left her there but kept an eye on her. The last time I went out to check, there it was! :lol: What a clever girl! She's now outside, bossing the others and eating everything she can get her beak on! Last night obviously didn't upset her as much as it upset me!

I thought they were supposed to lay in the eglu? Does this mean that I am going to have to check every nook and cranny for stray eggs? Will she always lay around this time of day or will she lay in the morning? Oooooh so many questions!


A very excited mummy!!!

Lisa :D:D:D

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Chelsea said

Congratulations, how do you plan to eat it?


Hi Chelsea,

My friend has already asked who gets to eat it! I replied that as they are my girls it's my egg!!

I intend to have it plain and simple - a dippy egg with some fresh bread and butter soldiers!


Lisa :D

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Aint"Ooops, word censored!"odyhere said


You could try a couple of golfballs in the nestbox (or you can get proper fake eggs) to give her the idea?[/quote


Thanks for the idea, I'll ask my friends husband if he has any spare. I do have a few of those eggs made out of different coloured stone/quartz - would they do or would they be a bit cold to sit on!


Lisa] :?

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