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Do you think these plants will survive in a chicken run ?

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I know similar ques have been asked before but I couldn't find the thread :oops:


I'm planning to build a run extension near the veg plot, it will be in partial shade and I would like to plant Potatoes, Kale and Jerusalem artichokes in the run area - do you think they will survive ? (I don't mind them eating some of the Kale.

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I don't think that any of those would survive.


And I would be careful with potatoes. They are a relative of the deadly nightshade, and green potatoes are poisonous. I am not sure about the tops. Animals, however, seem to have a better idea of what is safe to eat than we do.


Apple trees are the traditional things to grow in a chicken area, for obvious reasons!

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Plus if they scratch the ground where the potatos are and dig one up they may peck at it and eat it and that would be poisenous too.


Im having a bamboo in my run, only one of my girls pecks a bit a thte leaves on my bamboo, what height are you planning on making the run?

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