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Mini rant

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I feel rough so I'm grumpy

But what sort of world do we live in. I've just logged on to my msn and so get the msn page up on the entertainment page. I don't tend to look at it but as I went to shut it I saw

"Britney barred from seeing children"

will someone please explain to me how on earth that is entertainment.

ahhh I hate people (not all people jsut selected ones)

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You are right....it is not entertaining.....it is tragic.


The poor girl is obviously ill and no-one should find that entertaining. :?


It looks as if she has had some sort of "crisis" and that for the short term her husband has sole custody of the children.


"Ooops, word censored!"ody's business but theirs really....but if it sells papers........ :?

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Its like al this stuff about Amy Winehouse.


Poor girl is a druggy - LEAVE HER ALONE.






I can choose not to read magazines, trashy papers etc but I still can't escape the cult of celebrity as it is rammed down my throat on BBC News!


People always think I'm joking when I say I don't recognise celebs - I'm not joking I'M JUST NOT INTERESTED.


Why is that so strange?


OOOh I ranted too - grumpy old woman.

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I agree :D

I'm too busy living my own life to be terribly interested in the lives of people that I don't know, who don't interest me and who lead lifestyles so far removed from my own that I can't imagine us having a thing in common even if we did ever meet.


I so feel sorry for them though, some of these "celebs" appear to have such troubled lives, and I'm sure that all the media intrusion can't help at all. I wish they could just be left alone to recover in peace and privacy. Or not, if that's what they choose, but keep their drug taking, drinking and eating disorders out of the news so that impressionable youngsters don't feel that abusing your body is the de rigeur way to behave if you want to be famous :shock:

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I totally agree with all of you. I don't "do" celebrities either and never buy magazines of any sort (although am considering Practical Poultry :wink: ). I can't imagine why anybody would be interested in the minutiae of these people's lives, when they for the most part have nothing of interest to say and don't contribute anything to society. It's like The Emperor's New Clothes, "Ooops, word censored!"ody dares to say, hang on a minute, why exactly are these people of interest?


Yours disgustedly,

Member of Grumpy Old Women Club :lol:

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