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Anyone been there for a summer holiday?


The daughters informed me yesterday that they would like to go, but I know nothing about the place so need some help on a nice area to visit.

I suspect they want to go there for the Italian boys :roll:


One other problem - we need self catering,preferably on a complex, as no Hotels can guarantee that the 2 rooms we book will be next to or even near to each other.

We don't want the girls to be on a different floor or anything,so we reckon self catering in a villa on a nice big complex would suit us best (much as I would prefer the comforts of a hotel!) :P

Anyhow, I can't find anything like this in Italy in the brochures I have,so if anyone knows of anything,do let me know.

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We have found lots of hotels, & lots of private villas, but with the girls being older we would like something on a complex with lots of villas,so there are other people around for them (& us) to mix with.

Thats what we normally go for,but we normally go to Greece or the Spanish islands........


A lot of the hotels in the Thomson brochure would be perfect,but they can't guarantee rooms next to each other,even for a supplement.

Makes you wonder what other families with teens do :roll:

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Hi there,

We do the same as someone else just mentioned, with hotels... ie we call them and arrange things directly. Brochures don't usually guarantee adjacent room mostly cause the agent will not deal personally with the hotel. If you call a hotel directly, they usually cannot fully guarantee it, because there is always a possibility of an event making a room unavailable for a while (plumbing disaster, or other accidental damage), but they will be happy to book it for you as adjacent. We need to do that a lot with interconnecting rooms, as we have four kids, and even family rooms can't usually accommodate us all...

For villas, have you tried Iglu? They tend to have a lot of things, we travelled with them to Italy before and they were fine. I'm not sure if they'll have any 'big complex' villas, but maybe it's worth taking a look at their website.

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I havn't been for years BUT go self catering! Hotels will give you standard hotel food and Italian eateries are wonderful and cheap and a much better option.


Personally I wouldn't dream of going to an Italian hotel and missing out on the yummy restaurants.

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