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Billy the Whippet

Aggy's not laying

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Flo and Aggy (two hybrids) came home on the 29 October and by 14 November Flo started laying an egg a day. However Aggy - although appearing quite happy, healthy and settled hasn't laid anything ! I have noticed that Flo's comb is quite tall and bright red whereas Aggy's is still very small and bumpy - could it be that Aggy is younger than Flo or hasn't she developed properly. I really don't mind her not laying eggs - just a bit worried that there's something wrong with her.

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I've got exactly the same problem - 2 of mine have lovely big combs and have been laying for a over a month. Molly, who is 2 weeks older, isn't laying anything although she is starting to show signs of crouching (is your Aggy doing that?) Molly laid 10 eggs in September so we know she can but don't know why she's stopped :? .


I'm sure Aggy is fine - you just never know when they're going to lay.

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When my little leghorn ' Smartie' first came into lay - she laid for 2 weeks, then had a month off. Now she lays a lovely china white egg every day, without fail - sometimes double yolker whopper ones! I wish she would have a few days off, so as to not wear herself out!

Try not to worry, I should think it's her ladies apparatus sorting itself out! :wink:



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Aggy has some way to go to catch up with Lil, one of my gingernut rangers.


Lil is 44 weeks old now. I've had her since July and not an egg to be seen.

Her pal Daisy started to lay after 3 weeks. I am hoping longer, brighter days will spur her on.


I will let you know when she lays.

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