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How much Flubenvet....photos

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I'm on day 5 of the epic that is the worming of 3 chickens. As I said on my previous post I am using the 'grape method' and have twice had a naughty chicken grab 2 grapes (happened again today :roll: ) and a possible overdose.


I asked if anyone had seen a post with pictures of what the dosage should look like but had no replies so decided to do it myself.


Each chicken should have 1g of Flubenvet spread over 7 days so I have taken a photo of 1g of the powder. As it is so light it is a lot more than I thought. If you imagine the pile split into 7 (afraid my scales aren't that sensitve) it should give you an idea of how much each chicken should have per day.






Hope this is of help to others. It's made me feel better as it is more than I imagined. I've possibly been underdosing them.

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I'm so sorry :oops: I actually took photos then forgot to post them :oops: .


Looking at your pictures (and the 1g over 7 days is very useful), I think I'm under-dosing which is just as well as while trying to push Milly out of the way while giving a grape to Maisie, Milly stretched her neck further than I thought was possible and nabbed a second dose :evil: .




The grapes are very small so it probably looks more than it is. Also the juice makes the powder spread so again makes it look quite a lot.



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Each chicken should have 1g of Flubenvet spread over 7 days ...


I don't know if this measurement has been mentioned elsewhere: I started worming ours yesterday having got the Flubenvet on Saturday. The lady at Beeston said for 3 hens, a spoonful on top of the food.


Anyway, just for my own interest and peace of mind, I measured out 3g of Flubenvet for our 3 hens and it is equivalent to 5ml volume (ie medicine spoon or container) - which will be much easier to measure out next time. I put a bit of the 3g into a container with some corn and mealworms, shook it all about and they wolfed it down. (I thought that was easier because I could see that they were all getting a fair share). I'll do the same for the next 6 days.



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I have some flubenvet on it's way, and this post is really useful, thanks.


But I am now slightly confused. Do the first post's on this thread post's not suggest that each chicken has 1g of flubenvet spread over seven days - ie. each chicken has 1/7th of a gram a day, for seven consecutive days?


Therefore you wouldn't be able to put 1g per bird in porridge and just give it to them in one go, as that would be giving each chicken seven times the dose on one day, which is not the idea?


(Hope that's not too difficult to follow!)



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I'm not sure whether my post was clear now! Sorry.


What I have done is to measure out the 7 day amount for the 3 chickens into a little sealed pot (3g - which is easier to measure). Then I'm giving a fraction of that amount each day for 7 days (admitedly they may not have exactly 1/7th each day, but they'll have the lot by the end of 7 days!)


And by giving it on corn and mealworms, I can see that they all get a fair share because it's gone in no time and I can watch them!

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