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Bloodstained egg

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One of my girls laid this today:




It was still warm when I took the photo.


I have checked all the botty's in that particular Eglu and can find nothing amiss. :?


They are all playing out nicely in the sun so I don't suppose I need to worry too much just yet.


Odd though.

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Nasty :shock:


Don't think its red mite as that makes speckles on the egg ,from the egg squishing them flat in the nest box.

Its interesting that its the pointy end that comes out first which is streaked. I would suspect that its just down to a broken blood vessel high up in the laying tackle :)

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I am liberal with the Red Mite powder.....but I have never suspected a red mite infestation.


I'm sure it must be a ruptured blood vessel.


Whatever it was......the four girls in that Eglu and run are bobbing about happily, and there is no oozing from any of their vents.


They must wonder why this mad old bat in pink wellies is suddenly so interested in their nether regions. :shock::lol:

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