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Chooks and Extensions??

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We plan to have some major building work to our house in the summer and I've read a number of times that other Eglu owners gave up their chooks as it would be too stressful for them (the birds not the Eglu owners!!) with all the builders and machinery.


Can anyone confirm if its better to have them re-homed? Even if just for the period that the garden is being decimated?





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Never heard of this Rob.


Can you move them further down the garden or ask a friend to have them for a while?


It would be such a pity to get rid of them.


There has been a lot of building noise going on very close to us as a local school is being rebuilt ....it has been really noisy at times.....and my girls haven't turned a hair.....or should that be a feather.

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I drive my mower straight to them and my June plays "chicken" with me - many's the time I've stopped because she hasn't moved.


This is a noisy 6.5 horse power ride on mower too - large and noisy but the chickens don't care!

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we have just had a big extension built on the back of our house and the girls loved it. they sat on the highest perches watching. they didnt mind when the digger dug a huge ditch next to the run!!! they loved the attention they got from the workmen (and the bread)

i wouldnt worry and you certainly will not have to get rid of them.

the only disadvantage the girls have not been free-ranging (as i dont want them to get squashed by a truck or digger) whilst the fence is down. having said that they have had alot of entertainment and treats i dont think they mind much.

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Our neighbours have just had an extension built and the girls didn't mind the noise at all.


I suppose that they might have been a bit offended though when one of the builder asked me what we had in the run. He then went on to say that he knew that we had a couple of chickens but what were the other things. When I told him that my brahmas and cochins were in fact also chickens, he asked, 'What, real ones?'

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'What, real ones?'


:lol::lol: What on earth did he think they were then?


My window cleaner always stops to chat to the girls, as do any workmen I have doing stuff at home. The chooks love the attention and are always happy to have a knee to sit on :roll:


If you are concened about your girls, then suss out a potential chicken sitter in your area in case they get disturbed by the noise, then you can always re-home them for the duration.

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