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Jessie has gone

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Sadly today my husband had to dispatch Jessie. She was injured some 4 or so months ago and althought she had recovered from the visible injuries she wasn't herself and the other hens new it and were mersyless in there harrassment of her. I have had her out in the run on her own until free range time with her own supply of food and water but she has been getting thinner and thinner. I am away for a fortnight from Saturday and therefore decided that I couldn't stand the strain of OH looking after them and the commitment she posed. I had really high hopes of her full recovery but it was clear it wasn't going to happen and she was obviously not a happy hen, spending most of her time lately in the nest box sleeping, keeping out of the way of the other girls or standing huddled up in the shelter I provided for her in the free range run. :cry::cry:

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